Sunday, July 25, 2004

Leftover business

Here are some topics I wanted to cover last week, but just didn't get the chance:

Sean at the American Mind has an extra-long, convention ready House of Ketchup ready.  Be sure to check it out.

Tim Blair captured the Quote of the Week with this Israeli ambassador's response after a United Nations vote against the Israeli security wall:
As Israeli UN ambassador Dan Gillerman said following the vote: "Mr President, allow me to start with a vote of thanks. Thank God that the fate of Israel and of the Jewish people is not decided in this hall."
A summer without Ken Jennings?  Oh no!  Betsy has a huge roundup on the Jeopardy juggernaut.

Blogs for Bush has launched the Democratic National Quagmire watch (here and here).

Thanks to Election Projection and PoliPundit - I love you guys too!

And Martin Devon bemoans John Kerry's call to action against terrorism by...calling a meeting.  Actually, it's the way Kerry says things that drives Martin (and me) up a wall.  America - do you want this guy in your living room for 4 years?
Oy, great. Kerry will call a meeting, because Bush hasn't had enough meetings. But that's besides the point. Beyond what he said was the way he said it. His voice grates on my nerves. I'm a political junkie and *I've* forgotten. How many people are leaning Kerry without having heard him talk? Quite a few, I'll bet. Mickey really isn't joking. Kerry's best chance is to lay low.

I know that 'W' has a style that annoys many people, but the point is that his style is well known. If you hate him, you already hate him. But Kerry has the chance to alienate a whole bunch of voters who don't know him at all. And he will.
As Jon Stewart said: "They don't call him Mr. Excitement for noth....OK, they don't call him Mr. Excitement."

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