Saturday, July 31, 2004


There were so many other stories I wanted to blog this past week, so I'll throw 'em out here:

First and foremost: Poliblog has the post-convention Bite-O-Toast roundup.

Jay Caruso: "I just get the feeling Democrats now feel they failed to nominate the right guy."

Little Green Footballs is bewildered (and frightened?) by Kerry's approach to terrorism: "Kerry will respond."

Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe called Kerry's acceptance speech "Buzzwords and cheap shots."

Political Prognostications: "It is my estimation, however, that good as the presentation may have been, Kerry didn't close the deal with a majority of Americans."

Jonah Goldberg in USA Today wrote: "Kerry: Undecided to the End"

The world may be consumed by the maelstrom, but Kerry will guarantee that America remains in the eye of the storm. He'll do this by conjuring chimerical "strong alliances" and negotiating in "good faith" with sycophantic foreign leaders around long tables festooned with bottled water and clever cheese. Never mind that these are impossible promises — much like Neville Chamberlain's "peace in our time." Indeed, impossible promises are often the ones voters want to hear most.
The Patriette has a good speech review in "Gut Reactions" and the California Yankee called John Kerry "hopeless."

That's it for now!

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