Sunday, July 25, 2004

They can’t help themselves
For those of us who follow politics closely, this is certainly a dog-bites-man story:

DNC chair Terry McAuliffe has expressed concern that nonstop Bush bashing from the podium could quickly spiral out of control and backfire.

DNC staffers have also been told to be on the lookout for "unreasonable" Bush bashing signs held by delegates on the convention floor which could be highlighted on television.

"We are not Michael Moore," McAuliffe has told his top staffers, according to a well-placed source.
Well, the Democratic Party may not quite equal the mass of Michael Moore, but they’re certainly enthusiastically supportive of his vitriolic, facts-challenged rhetoric:

“Clearly the star of the week will be Sen. Kerry and Sen. (John) Edwards, but having Michael Moore in Boston to enjoy the events just adds a lot of excitement to everything else going on,'' Massachusetts Democratic Party spokeswoman Jane Lane said.

“I don't see it diminishing the real star of the week, but I think every Democrat in Massachusetts will be thrilled.”
Evidently, the Democrats will not be following the advice of Jeff Jacoby who writes: “Bush haters do Kerry no favors.”  But since the unifying agent of the Democratic Party has so thoroughly devolved into hatred, it’s hard to kick the habit.

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