Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Where’s Gore and his Smoot-Hawley picture when you need ‘em?
The Democrats’ position on world trade is so counterproductive that the WashPost excoriated the Dems in an editorial today titled “Poor Platform for Trade.”

Possibly the worst thing in the platform is its unilateralist bent in threatening trade sanctions, a move that would trigger retaliation. If Mr. Kerry were to follow this prescription, he would not merely fail to advance trade but actually hinder it. His party's platform doesn't bode well for where a Democratic administration would lead, or fail to lead, in this field.
As usual, Kerry and the Dems were pandering to the unions on trade policy, but it looks like all that sucking up didn’t help:

Breaking sharply with the enforced harmony of the Democratic National Convention, the president of the largest AFL-CIO union said yesterday that both organized labor and the Democratic Party might be better off in the long run if Senator John F. Kerry loses the presidential election.

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Bruce said...

That is priceless. Just think, seeing how it was union thugs and leftist moonbats that made up his core constituency, it's gonna be damn difficult to fly to 1600 Penn. solely on the wings of moonbats now.

Stick a fork in the Brahmin Noodle, he's all done.