Sunday, July 18, 2004

The NYT gives up all pretense of objectivity

I gave up on the New York Times a long time ago but, coming back from camping in New Jersey, I picked up a copy for the ride home. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't. In section after section, the "Paper of Record" engages in veiled and not-so-veiled attacks on President Bush and Republicans.

Most egregious in my opinion was the cover of the NYT Book Review that stated: "What the Democrats should do" in reference to books by Mario Cuomo, Gary Hart, George McGovern, Robert Reich, and E.J. Dionne. Will the Times offer similar advice to the GOP when the Republican convention rolls around New York in August? Don't bet on it.

For good measure, the Times printed this hopeful article in the Week in Review titled: "What Boston can do for Kerry." The Times should just drop the artifice and ask "What can we do for John Kerry?"
Extra: Mickey acidly comments on the convention story: "You have to love the clumsy, a__-saving, offends-all-sides, don't-make-me-take-a-position quality of that "perhaps disingenuously" in the first graf."

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TM Lutas said...

Sure, the NYT will give advice to Republicans. It's just done with a different spirit. Their advice to Democrats is on how to win for liberalism. Their advice to Republicans is how to win power by becoming more liberal.