Monday, July 26, 2004

Smiling through clenched teeth

Robert Novak says that the Democrats are angry but the WashPost says the “Party aims for upbeat tone at convention.”  And then there’s Maude Teresa:

It has frequently been said that the Left and the Democrats are not so much pro-Kerry as anti-Bush. Well, Mrs. Kerry — or whatever she calls herself — and her son Chris have been wearing a pin that has a black "W" with a red line through it. Is that quite sporting? I mean, what if the wife and children of the Republican nominee wore pins expressing nothing but contempt for the Democratic nominee? Wouldn't the media in general say that was kinda sorta distasteful — or something?
I think that’s a rhetorical question.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. But it should be noted that Bush is still a total nincompoop.