Thursday, July 29, 2004

The aftermath

David Brooks: “A very good speech.  Very nationalistic.”
Mark Shields: “John Kerry needed to give the speech of his life.  He did.”

Golly, did we see the same speech?  Kerry was near-rabid throughout, making only the vaguest of outline on how he would lead the nation.  He misrepresented his own record on so many issues: NAFTA?  Never heard of it!  Iraq War resolution?  What about it?  Voting against funding for soldiers? Let’s move on! I don't know nothin' about no Patriot Act!

At nearly an hour, the speech was a grab-bag of benefits without a hint of responsibility (except for those awful “rich” people).  What will America do about the untenable situation on Social Security?  “I won’t privatize it.”  Duck and cover.

I agree with Polipundit – a lousy speech.

Also - here we go again, dragging out 4-year-old Jack at 11 o'clock.  Whatever.

Other thoughts - Mark Kilmer: "The attacks were merely scurrilous and unfounded snipes. It might be best for the Bush campaign to push this convention to the side and say [sic] on message. Kerry's not a winner."

Wizbang - "What's Kerry been doing for the last 19 years? If record of accomplishments seems to have stopped with his three months of in theater service in Vietnam."

Captains Quarters - "Most of where Kerry defined himself relied on comparing himself to Bush, a sure sign that Kerry fears his ideas only stand up in opposition, not in leadership."

Instapundit: “I don't think it will swing the momentum in his favor, which is what he needed. It may turn some people off.”

My prediction: a 2-3 point PR bump that disappears in a week.


Dave said...

I was just thinking the same thing: DID we watch the same speech??? Every Democrat on the Web is celebrating. Every Republican I know, including myself, is confused as to what the Democrats are so happy about.

I blogged the speech at my site.

Anonymous said...

Kerry gave an excellent speech for the cheering crowd in the Bizzaro world of the DNC. From his rhetoric of rights marches to his appeal to class warfare, Kerry is living in a different age. No, he doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve, he wears his experiences in Vietnam like a NASA bunny suit. Give the man a teleporter, he's running in the wrong election year ... and leave the super 8's back in the time Kodak sold that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot the name ... ugh, I will register now!