Tuesday, September 15, 2020

You gotta be cruel to be kind

Reason: "Federal Regulations Have Made Western Wildfires Worse - Controlled, prescribed burns can stop wildfires from spreading. Too bad they are effectively prohibited by rules like the Clean Air Act."  If you guessed that the environmental whackos in California are making a bad situation much worse, you're correct:
"What you'll often find," Wood says, "is that there are projects which have been extremely well-vetted, which have been years in the work, there will be a 5,000-page document, which no one could conceivably ever read because it's so long and complicated, but then the project will still get put on hold for an indefinite period of time, because some special interest group filed a lawsuit." So much time is spent considering the ramifications of an action; little is spent considering the impact of doing nothing.

From 1999 to 2017, an average of 13,000 acres of California were subjected to controlled burns each year. In February 2020, Nature Sustainability published a report arguing that California needs to burn 20 million acres of forest in order to restore forest health.
But the owls! 


Anonymous said...

Those hellish wildfires will only become worse if a Harris administration together with Joe Biden isn't elected.

Anonymous said...

Five of California's five largest wildfires, three of which are burning now, occurred in the last 33 months.

They never should have passed the Clean Air Act 34 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Who would guess that US forest fire burn acreage is down 80% over the past 90 years?

Who would guess that recent droughts in the western US are pitiful compared to the past?

Anonymous said...

Galileo Galilei: "And yet, it burns."

Eric said...

Responding to one of these anonymous comments, probably the first one: I LOL'd when I saw the headline that said "It votes for Biden or it gets the riots."

Pitch perfect.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the last few months of life in Democrat cities have illustrated that "It votes for Biden and it gets the riots."

Anonymous said...

And, nationally, it looks like There Will Be Riots...

Rasmussen: Trump overtakes Biden, 47%-46%, and hits 52% approval

Anonymous said...

Citing Rasmussen is the ultimate cherry-pickin' admission of defeat.

You're right, though; their poll was definitely the funniest one today. Even though the new 48-48 poll for Lindsey Graham's wobbly Senate seat is also totally hilarious.

Trump is losing to Joe Biden on "law and order" polling (!). Biden's lead has gone UP in Wisconsin since the Kenosha violence.

But at least Rasmussen is always there to soothe the dolts. Remember how much better you felt in 2018 when Rasmussen projected that House Republicans would win the popular vote and gain seats? (Only off by 9.4% and 45 seats!)

Anonymous said...

More hilarity:
I LOL'd when I saw the headline that said "It votes for Biden or it gets the riots."

Yeah, total non sequiturs can be amusing.

I LOL'd today, too.

Daily Beast: A Wildfire Destroyed His House. This Climate Denier Blames Environmentalists.


It's about Oregon State Senator Fred Girod, one of the eleven Republicans who got national attention by fleeing a 2018 climate change vote so that the bill that was going to pass could not be voted on at all, and then hiding so that the state police could not physically return them to their jobs. This year, the same group did the same thing again.

Now, everything Fake Science Fred owns is gone. "That was my forever home," mewled Girod. LOL!

Anonymous said...

If a wildfire destroying his house doesn't prove to him that climate is real, nothing will.

Yeah, good move there, not looking to Rasmussen's 2016 presidential polling accuracy as an indicator for its 2020 presidential polling. That would be so skewed. Others have, though. To quote Nate Silver: "Rasmussen Reports deserves a lot of credit for its final, national poll of the 2016 presidential election, which had Hillary Clinton ahead by 2 percentage points, almost her exact margin of victory in the popular vote."

Anonymous said...

You hang onto 2016, bubbalah.

More from your new BFF Nate Silver:
"Rasmussen had Republicans winning the popular vote for the US House last year and Democrats actually won it by **9** points, which makes for about twice as bad a fuck-up as any pollster had in 2016."

"It's sort of amusing (and has some parallels to the media ecosystem overall) how Rasmussen Reports just brazenly doesn't give a f*ck about publishing outlier polls showing Trump at 49% approval despite a long history of overrating how well Republicans would do."

"Not a bad racket to have polls that are consistently skewed toward the GOP. Maybe once per 3 or 4 elections (2016), R's beat their polls, you look like geniuses. The rest of the time, your polls suck, but you BS your way thru it & criticize people who evaluate poll accuracy. It wouldn't work if your polls *never* had a good year, but polling is hard and sometimes polls that have a crappy methodology are gonna get lucky. Meanwhile being "the pollster that always has good news for [insert party]" will win you an audience among partisans."

Anonymous said...

So Nate intended to say:

"Rasmussen Reports' crappy methodology got lucky when its final, national "poll" of the 2016 presidential election accidentally didn't suck and had Hillary Clinton ahead by 2 percentage points, almost her exact margin of victory in the popular vote."

Anonymous said...

Aww. And you and Real Nate were getting along great for the duration of one quote. It's for the best, though; Imaginary Nate will be a much better friend to you.

I wish you honestly believed that Trump is going to win. It would make November SO much funnier.

Anonymous said...

You can sleeplessly try to parse out Nate's giving of "a lot of credit" to Rasmussen all you want, but strangely enough, it will never work.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Trolly's stuck on a new word.

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