Thursday, September 03, 2020

Joe Biden plagiarizes Trump's Kenosha trip

It's in his nature.  American Greatness: "Small Crowds, Little Enthusiasm for Joe Biden During ‘Desperation Trip’ to Kenosha."

Lowlights: Slow Joe talked to Jacob Blake and treated him like a returning hero, then went into full-on pander mode claiming that a black man invented the light bulb.  There were more members of the press and Secret Service on hand than real Americans who support Biden.


Anonymous said...

Joe's new television ad includes the shot of President Trump clumsily holding up a Bible in the gas-cleared streets of Washington D.C.

That was supposed to be an image that would boost Trump's reelection. Oops. 2020 comes at you fast.

Anonymous said...


Don Jr. said...

Trump's clumsy Bible will save us!

Anonymous said...

Says the troll projectionist. After openly fantasizing about all the forthcoming Trump bumps that never came.

A gambler could retire at age 24 just by betting against you.