Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Defund NPR

This morning on NPR's Morning Edition, I had the misfortune of hearing a story titled "Trump Will Fan Protest Flames, Wisconsin State Lawmaker Says."  Here's an excerpt with NPR's Rachel Martin:
MARTIN: And as we understand it, President Trump will not be visiting the family of - either Jacob Blake or his family. I want to ask about what the president has said about Kyle Rittenhouse. This is the 17-year-old suspected of shooting and killing two protesters in Kenosha. As we hear in our previous conversation, he said it appeared that Rittenhouse was, quote, "in very big trouble and probably would have been killed." There is no conclusive evidence to support that claim. But what do you believe to be the effects of those remarks?
No conclusive evidence except, ya know, the Glock pointed at his head.  I guess the dimwits at NPR repeated this in a tweet because later I saw: "Taxpayer-Funded, Government-Sponsored NPR: Trump Claimed, "WITHOUT EVIDENCE," That Kyle Rittenhouse May Have Acted in Self Defense" and "NPR slammed over tweet that Trump claimed 'without evidence' that Kenosha gunman acted in self-defense."

But you needn't have looked any further than the double standard for "conclusive evidence" than the conclusion of the NPR article where this exchange occurred:
MARTIN: Just in seconds remaining, I want to ask about what Joe Biden said. He criticized President Trump for fomenting divisions, but he also said rioting is not protesting. And recent polls indicate that support for Black Lives Matter, especially among white people, is slipping because of the violence from protests in Kenosha. Do you think all this is taking a political toll on Democrats?

BOWEN: Well, I think that there are white supremacists that are implanting themselves in these protests, and they are seeking to discredit the movement.
There is ZERO evidence that this is happening, much less "conclusive evidence."  So NPR's Rachel Martin pushed back hard against this claim!

MARTIN: David Bowen - he's a Democratic state representative in Wisconsin and a member of Wisconsin's state Legislative Black Caucus. He joined us on Skype. Thank you so much for your time.
Just more gaslighting and narrative protection.  Time to save some taxpayer money.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Jacob Blake, he brought upon himself when he went to his car. Kyle Rittenhouse is a persecuted victim who only wanted to take his assault rifle on a fun vacation. This has been today's episode of "Conservative Standards."

Roger Bournival said...

Before Blake 'went to his car' he was trespassing and / or assaulted an ex-girlfriend, was wielding a knife, got tasered by the cops, got out of that and a couple of cops tackles (this is known as resisting arrest), and then benignly 'went to his car'. As soon as I saw that part of the video (and those parts preceding it) the only thought I had was 'I can't believe how fucking stupid this guy is', then the cops shot him. Do you think as Blake 'went to his car', was he about to give the cops his drivers license and registration from inside the car?

Like's tough enough; it's tougher (and shorter) when you're that fucking stupid.

Don Jr. said...

What happened to Jacob Blake, he brought upon himself when he went to his car and persistently reached in, after refusing to obey police orders to stop, which followed his resisting arrest and fighting with officers who were responding to a 911 call saying that he was at the address in violation of a restraining order subsequent to a sexual assault, and had just committed a new sexual assault on the same woman and stolen her car keys.

Anonymous said...



Good luck convincing 2020 America that this institutional discrepancy is okay. Maybe a little more tear gas would flip the polls.

Eric said...

I've found it's impossible to get the Left to admit what is clearly visible on the video, in both cases.

Anonymous said...

Five years of clearly visible Donald Trump videos have only made the Right more and more rigidly entrenched, rather than admit the Left was correct. Hope it was worth it.