Sunday, September 06, 2020

Desperation time


Anonymous said...

"When Joe Biden starts to slip in the polls"

Joe Biden today: 50.5% national average
Ten days earlier: 50.6%
20 days earlier: 51.0%
30 days earlier: 50.0%
40 days earlier: 50.1%
50 days earlier: 50.3%

Florida: 48.5% today, 48.8% fifty days ago
Michigan: 49.6% today, 50.0% fifty days ago
Pennsylvania: 49.6% today, 49.7% fifty days ago
Wisconsin: 50.3% today, 49.7% fifty days ago
Arizona: 48.9% today, 47.5% fifty days ago
N. Carolina: 48.6% today, 47.7% fifty days ago
Minnesota: 50.7% today, 49.7% fifty days ago

And to give you a state that Trump's leading by 1%:
Texas: Biden 46.6% today, 46.2% fifty days ago

Some "desperate" scoundrel put lies in Spongebob's mouth.

Don Jr. said...

Another unmistakeable sign:
Harris Flip-Flops: Never Mind My “False Choice” Claim Last Year, Let’s Not Ban Fracking After All

I didn't expect it would be full-on desperation time this soon, but here we are.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Duh. Burp.