Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sleepy Joe on CNN

Joe Biden did a town hall with Anderson Cooper on CNN tonight.  Here's his answer to every question:
"I'm not Trump who is bad."
And, man, he lied a lot, including the anonymous Atlantic lie, the fracking flip-flop, and the Charlottesville lie.  I'm sure our brave Candy Crowley firefighters will set the record straight.


Anonymous said...

Problem is, "I'm not Trump who is bad" is nearly sweeping the battleground states. Some of which have only become battleground states because Trump is bad. Iowa? Ohio? Freakin' Texas?

The Atlantic article is not a lie, of course. Neither is the "parse out the racism" Charlottesville revisionist comedy. No one without a stupid red cap is buying into the circle jerk. We've all met this mutt.

Biden's fracking flip-flop is real, but alas, nobody cares. Which reminds me: how's the old "saving the clean beautiful coal industry" promise going?

Anonymous said...

So at his town hall, Donald Trump repeatedly shat his pants and wiped it on his chest and face, doing so poorly that Fox News said he was "ambushed."

And at his town hall, Joe Biden did competently enough that some Republicans are accusing him of having been given the questions in advance and memorizing his answers. Which is pretty impressive for a senile vegetable.

Oooh, but just WAIT until Trump gets Biden where he wants him... at the DEBATES! (Which Biden will never show up for.)

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