Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well, that was fun

That was not a debate, but I think it was what we expected at least from Trump.  Biden gave as good as he got but, once again, he lied repeatedly and was allowed to get away with it since we know the fact checkers will ignore them. 

Prove me wrong, mainstream media.  I didn't keep a running list but - off the top of my head - Biden lied about "very fine people", about the unproven Russian bounty story, the uncorroborated Atlantic story, about Hunter Biden's grift, his adherence to the Green New Deal, Kamala Harris badmouthing science, and his opposition to the travel ban.

On other issues, he refused to state his position on court packing in a Presidential debate, claimed Antifa was just an abstraction, and flip-flopped on election-year nominations to the Supreme Court.

Funniest quote tonight: "God save the transcribers."  

Update - Hot Air: "Biden Told So Many Whoppers Last Night, Burger King May Sue Him." 


Anonymous said...

How proud the Party of Lincoln must be this morning.

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