Saturday, September 26, 2020

It's nomination day!

Hot Air: "NYT: The Upcoming SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing Could Be A Real Game-Changer — For Trump And The GOP."
And that’s why the assumption that a Kavanaugh-esque spectacle won’t galvanize voters to back Trump is no small wager. Trump’s nomination of Barrett (or Lagoa, or another woman) isn’t going to change many minds about Trump among voters already inclined to oppose him either, but a failure to go all-out in smearing the nominee may well disenchant and disincentivize them to turn out at all. The upcoming confirmation hearing may not be entirely a win-win for the GOP, but it’s very clearly a lose-lose proposition for Democrats — which is why Republicans want to hold the hearing.
Will Democrats be able to curb their worst instincts, or will we see more "Handmaid Tale" costumes shuffling around Capitol Hill?  Probably the latter and they're treading into dangerous ground of religious tests for a nominee considering that the Jewish woman she's replacing was confirmed on a 96-3 vote.


Anonymous said...

I put the following comment on this blog in October of 2018:

"There is one lesson, and one lesson only that the Democrats learned from their abysmal failure [in the Kavanaugh hearings]: They need to double down on the same strategy next time.

Amy Coney Barbie's confirmation fight will be their last stand."

I have no reason to revise that thought.

Eric said...

From what I read, her judicial opinions are tightly reasoned and evince a technical interpretation of the law. That is, they don't show a lot of emotion.

I expect that Schumer's attack will be that old standby of "she won't say how she'll vote on (insert issue)" even though EVERY nominee says the same thing about avoiding pre-judging a case.

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