Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Bay State tax dollars at work, such as it is in Massachusetts

Boston’s mass transit system, the MBTA, is flat broke:
The MBTA would halt all evening and weekend commuter rail service, eliminate six Green Line stops, discontinue lightly used bus routes, and lay off 805 employees if the agency does not get legislative help with its $160 million deficit, according to a state document.
Here’s a clue why fares will soar. Boston Globe: “MBTA rehired retired officials
Four MBTA officials who retired under the agency's generous pension plan were then rehired under contracts to do their old jobs, earning large consulting checks even while they continued to receive their full pension payments, according to public records.
I think it’s time to run for public office.

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Vermont Woodchuck said...

This make it easier to send out the 1099's; all the SSN's and addresses are on record.