Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goin' down in a heap - Massachusetts' awful governor Deval Patrick is not polling well lately.  The man really seems overwhelmed by his office.  Maybe Kerry Healey can give it another shot next election.


Bram said...

My relatives who have not escaped Taxachusetts yet are pretty upset. Good Luck with that.

Vermont Woodchuck said...

Given the overwhelming Donkey control of the legislature, why would any sane opposition party candidate run for office?

It makes me ill to think of leaving Vermont, but it's coming to that up here also.

skeneogden said...

Here in California we have Gov. "Benedict" Arnold to deal with. He's the biggest RINO in major party politics. He likes to say "he's for fiscal conservatism, but social liberalism". Somehow I just can't get around the contradiction.