Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back from Orlando

Briefly, here's the rundown of Wi-Fi access during my business trip to Florida:

Bradley (Hartford/Springfield) Airport - Free Wi-Fi
Newark - Not free
Orlando - Free
Ronald Reagan/Washington - Not free
Hotel - Allegedly free, but with a complicated configuration
Convention center - Free

Should there be a federal mandate for complimentary Wi-Fi everywhere?  Yes.  Yes, indeed.  I have a blog audience to consider - literally dozens and dozens of readers.

In other travel news: all my flights were wonderful and my 6'2" frame wasn't the least-bit cramped in those spacious airline seats.  But I kid.

Finally, the staff at the Springhill Marriott in Orlando were superb.  Very courteous, helpful, and professional.  Kudos to you!


Brian said...

Obama will get you free wi-fi. Just hope, and you will believe it.

Goodnight, funnyman. said...

HOW does he keep doing it and doing it, ladies and germs?