Monday, April 27, 2009

President Never-look-straight-ahead - In the tennis game of an Obama speech, it's a look to the left, a look to the right...teleprompter meltdown!

Extra – TOTUS responds.


Laugh and a half! said...

OMG that's totally HILARIOUS, the way Obama fumfers and panics when... oh, wait. He didn't.

But you totally NAILED the way he looks back and forth across a room. HAW! What public speaker does THAT?

Eric said...

Smartest man...(line!)...alive.

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi wrote this comment about the teabag folks. But it's just as applicable to the "Good heavens, Mildred, a teleprompter!" people who think this is anything, anything at all:

"All they do is listen to one-liners doled out by tawdry Murdoch-hired mouthpieces like Michelle Malkin and then repeat them as if they’re their own opinions five seconds later. That’s what passes for political thought in this country."

Daily Kos said...

Of course, that never happens on the Left. They have original monosyllabic thoughts.

"Torture bad"
Nancy Pelosi: "Me not know!"

Obama smiled at Chavez! He shook his hand! said...

The same thing happens all the time, with some liberals.

Is that your ambition? To be as asinine as the most reliably asinine faction of the opposition?

Eric said...

Are you defining Pelosi? Well, then, OK.