Monday, April 27, 2009

More money, Massachusetts

You know, generally I like the Boston Globe newspaper. But when they run editorials like this one today, I find myself yearning for their bankruptcy:

We don't think the effort to reform pensions, ethics, and municipal benefits should relax a bit. But let's face it: Without some kind of tax increase, life will be unsustainable for too many vulnerable people.

Those who think they don't need government services should thank their stars, and dig a little deeper.
Yes, it's a problem that some worthy social programs will be slashed. But Governor Patrick and Beacon Hill should have considered those cuts while they dawdled over pension reform, Big Dig overruns, and the half-billion hole created by forcing everybody in the state to get health insurance which – instead of driving down costs – has sent them skyward. (Also, see here and here.)

Now the state senate is urging a 6.25% sales tax (up from 5%) and the Globe says: "C'mon what's a little bit more?" The Globe, which has extensive experience in deficit spending, should adopt the same policy. Raise the price of a daily paper by a quarter and see if your finances improve.


Anonymous said...

I would not insult my finches by lining their cage with the Boston Globe. Good riddance to an agenda driven liberal screed. I hope Pinch has to go out and really work for a living.

Strunk Uncle said...

A screed is a particular piece of speech or writing. A newspaper or organization cannot be a screed.

Are you perhaps an undereducated finch?