Monday, June 14, 2004

People just don’t like Kerry

Back in January, I posted: “Take note Senator Splunge: your support is a mile wide and an inch deep.” Suddenly everybody is picking up on the theme that Democrats are less-than-enthusiastic about their candidate.

WashPost – “Doubts Linger as Kerry Advances”: “These Democrats say the enthusiasm for defeating Bush runs much stronger and deeper than the passion for electing Kerry.”

NY Post: “But can Kerry win simply by being the Other Guy? Recent polling suggests not.”

Powerline notes that Kerry’s strategy is to hope that everything goes wrong: “But if Kerry continues his present strategy of running as the not-Bush, and doesn't do more to present himself positively to the American people, he will be at the mercy of events should the last tide before November's election flow in a Republican direction.”

Byron York has a great roundup in “The Left Hates Bush, Kinda Likes Kerry

and Matt Kilmer calls this the Political Story of the Year: “So far, the political story of the year has been the lack of personal support for the Democrats' evident candidate, JF Kerry” – a statement supported by this line from the WashPost article: “Despite Kerry's two decades in the Senate, not many Democrats consider themselves "Kerry Democrats" or ardent loyalists, or even close friends.”

So, unless something unprecedented happens, Democrats are going to hold their collective nose in July and nominate John Kerry. Then they’re going to hope that the rest of America does too.

Last minute extra - From Silent Running:

But one thing a lot of us do see is a blatant opportunist with no real agenda other than self promotion and a lust for power and prestige. A triangulating politico, with no core values that can't be altered, or just plain discarded, when they run up against the all powerful polling and focus group pressure.

Bubba lite, all the rudderlessness, with less than half the charm.

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