Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Kerry Vote Watch

After a week’s vacation, the Senate reconvened last week for a three-day workweek, holding seven floor votes in the process. No surprise: Kerry missed them all bringing his “missed vote” percentage up to 87%. He missed a vote to support U.S. troops by approving funds for an emergency fund for Iraq and Afghanistan; it still passed 95-0-5. But Kerry also missed a vote on a Democrat-sponsored amendment to increase funding to handle nuclear waste. That amendment was rejected 48-48-4, with Senator Splunge and John “Boy Wonder” Edwards out on the campaign trail.

Days worked this session: 3
Voting percentage: 14/110 = 13%


Anonymous said...

I Love the Kerry Vote Watch. But I think you should also add in how much he has been paid to date for 'working hard, but hardly working.'

For example

A US Senator is paid an annual base salary of $154,700 not including perks, postage, loans, travel, a staff etc. etc. As of June 15, (About 5.5 months,) Kerry will have earned $70,904.16 gross income (Our money). In different terms, this works out to about $23,634.72 per day worked. I wish I could get that kind of job security.


Anonymous said...

I think what is more telling are the votes for which Kerry makes an extra effort to vote.

The troop support bill had unanimous support, so he just had to make some calls and confirm that fact. Where he knew that the Assault Weapons Ban amendment they wanted to add to the gun manufacturer's liability bill would be close vote.

Kerry, being the big 2nd Amendment supporter that he is (spit - cough - hack), dropped everything and took time off from the most crucial part of his primary campaign to cast a vote in favor of the erosion of the rights of law-abiding Americans.

If he ever gets the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I'm starting work on my bunker.

- Bruce at mAss Backwards