Monday, June 28, 2004

Kerry on defense

Here’s Senator Splunge in an interview to Army Times. I actually had a much longer post typed out, but I think I’ll just let the interview stand for itself. Suffice to say that Vietnam is mentioned. However, I will point out this part at the end when the interview is wrapping up:

Q: Thanks.
Kerry: Well, I like talking about this stuff. I think we can have a far more effective military structure than we have today and a lot of smart people in the military I talk to about it who are waiting for the civilian leadership that really wants to do these things.
Q: Do you have anyone in mind for secretary of defense?
Because I sure as hell don’t want to consider the other “civilian leader!” Whew!

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Pat said...

Thanks for the pointer to the interview. I note that while his website says that he'd end Don't ask, don't tell, he takes a much more nuanced approach with Army Times.