Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Kerry: Undeterred by facts

From the WashPost Business page: “Kerry Misfires in Economic Blame Game

Undeterred by these facts, Kerry's campaign has dredged up the old "middle-class squeeze," which emphasizes rising costs for energy, health care and college tuition. This analysis conveniently ignores falling prices for other basics like food, clothing, airfare or phone service, or lower monthly payments for homes and cars. It also suggests that the president is largely responsible for price increases largely outside his control.
One metric that the Kerry campaign cites ad nauseum as a evidence of middle-class “misery” is the rising cost of college tuition. First, I’d like Kerry to explain how federal policy can somehow restrain rising college costs. Then I’d like him to explain how this affects Americans (such as me) who don’t have kids in college yet.

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