Wednesday, June 09, 2004

And they want to run the country – a continuing series

The Democrats can’t even organize their own convention. From the Boston Globe: “Police union’s picket line halts work on convention”:

Democratic National Convention organizers were forced to shut down the start of FleetCenter construction yesterday after some construction workers and delivery trucks refused to cross a picket line led by Boston police officers outside the arena. More construction problems were expected today, as city and convention officials scrambled to cope with the unanticipated disruptions.
That’s some delicious irony.

Update: The union-bustin’ Boston mayor takes his case to court.

1 comment:

Jayson said...

Yeah, literally.

In fact, it's beyond ironic. This is self-parody!

What's next?

A Democratic Party that does not have a single racial minority holding any of the top four leadership positions in their Congressional caucuses???

Oh, right, never mind. The've got three lily-White men and one lily-White woman in those roles right now as we speak.

What's next, then? They're going to nominate a Northeastern, blue-blooded White Catholic to be their Presidential nominee, and then have their convention in the most racially-hostile city above the Mason-Dixon line???

Oh, right, never mind . . .