Saturday, March 15, 2003

Why, oh why, do I read Arab News?

God, or Allah, or Buddah, or L. Ron Hubbard help me, why do I read the Saudi-run English-language web page Arab News? Dear Lord, I know it's supposed to show the best side of Islamic opinion. But then I read something like this, and I can't help but think, Abraham help me, that maybe (just maybe) Islam isn't a religion of peace. Some excerpts from a hatchet job on Colin Powell:

Nelson Mandela was right. The bribing, bullying, horse-trading and warmongering we are witnessing in the world today are all because there’s a black man sitting at the helm of the United Nations.

It's all a racist plot! We wouldn't have these problems if Kurt Waldheim was still running the U.N.

Uncle Ben’s Rice literally sold itself because it was good, nutritious and healthy; Uncle Sam isn’t selling because the product is bad, unwholesome and malevolent. Powell can no more sell his stale product than a grocery store can sell rotten apples and tomatoes, except to the starved and dying of the world, except to the famine-struck African peoples of Guinea, Angola and Cameroon.

Don't forget about Zimbabwe, governed by wacko and friend-of-the-French Robert Mugabe. Or how about Islamic Sudan? How's the slavery trade going over there?

Powell first used the method in his PowerPoint presentation to the UN when he tried to convince us that the rabbit shape we see in the moon really is a live gigantic rabbit.

WTF? Can somebody help me? What is this clown talking about?

Notice, for example, the digital link used by Bush when he claimed in his first speech after the tragedy of Sept. 11 that 130 Israelis had died in the twin towers when the correct number was actually 3 (out of the 3,000 Israeli employees that were supposed to have been in the WTC at the time of the explosions).

Stop. Hammer time. I'm stopping right here, at this hateful urban legend. Read the rest if you want to be annoyed by this "Professor of Stylistics" (no kidding), but the only thing you'll learn is how far the Muslim mindset is from the 21st century. Or the 20th.

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