Saturday, March 22, 2003

Not good

Midwest Conservative Journal is reporting, based on a release from the Jerusalem Post, that the U.S. soldier who launched the grenade attack against a commanding officer at the 101st Airborne Division in Kuwait is a Muslim.

Furthermore, Little Green Footballs found a CBS report that listed the attacker as a black Muslim, before the description was changed to "engineering sargeant."

If true, this attack will be an enormous boon to the people who believe that we should not extend the benefits of our free society to those who would tear it down. On the one hand, I feel that the Westernization of Islam could help to modernize it and bring the religion out of the the 16th century; and that by this modernization, we can find middle ground (think Turkey). On the other hand, well, what's our option? We can't ban a religion followed by a billion people. We can, however, enforce deportation and support strict tracking of money flowing from American-Islamic "charities". This could be a bad season for hate crimes.

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