Friday, March 21, 2003

The usefulness of a degree in social justice

I was forced to watch Peter Jennings because I have a little TV next to my computer and it only picks up ABC & NBC. NBC was showing "Law and Order" – ABC was showing a comedy.

Actually it was "student activist" Max Uhlenbeck (I was very careful to copy the name) from United for Peace and Justice. (Oddly, a search on his name on the UPJ website doesn't turn up his name, although it pops up for an NYU protest).

Joke #1: [paraphrasing] "We're holding a protest in New York City tomorrow and expect several hundred thousand people."

Joke #2: (After Mr. U goes on quite a bit about the role of students in political protests)
Peter Jennings: "So you're a student."
Uhlenbeck: "No, I graduated."
Jennings: "So you're a full-time student organizer."

Joke #3: (after the interview) Jennings: "I didn't know there was a protest in New York City tomorrow."

Heh-heh. Sometimes unintentional humor is the best.

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