Tuesday, March 25, 2003

F the French

The war in Iraq has been all-consuming, with the news organizations and blogosphere scrambling for every scrap of information, so it seems trivial to discuss other matters. But then I’m reminded: there’s always time to hate the French.

Check out Today’s Front Pages from the Newseum and click on the graphic to see the front page of today’s edition of Le Monde. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can click here.

First of all, the French daily decided that nothing was so important than to put Michael Moore on the front page, holding an Oscar and flashing the peace sign. But more disturbing is their little editorial graphic of an American tank passing Iraqi people who appear to be in ditches while holding up human skulls (or oddly shaped flowers) on sticks. The text attached to this cartoon is “La foule en liesse” which I found out means “The crowd is jubilant” – obviously added for ironic effect.

If there’s any justice in this war, France will be on the receiving end of a serious attitude adjustment.

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