Monday, March 24, 2003

Furthermore, General, have you stopped beating your wife?

Q Ahmed Samir (sp), Abu Dhabi Television. We have been seeing reports of U.S. soldiers killed, missing, and captured, and the state of resistance of Iraqi in many cities which you claimed before taken full control, such as An Nasiriyah and Umm Qasr. Are you facing a new Vietnam in Iraq, or are you victims of over-self-confidence?
GEN. ABIZAID: War is a very, very risky business for everybody. We are not over-confident about this endeavor. We are confident about the ultimate outcome of this endeavor. We are soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in a combined, in a joint team that is very powerful, and one of the most integrated and well-trained forces ever put together. There won't be anything that stops us on the battlefield.

This question betrays a hint of panic among the Arab states: What? They’re not running away like in Somalia? The Americans are going to keep going? That’s right, Ahmed – tell your readers.

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