Thursday, March 20, 2003

Please no more Debka rumors

There’s a lot of speculation on the blogs this morning that the Saddam Hussein on Baghdad TV last night wasn’t really Saddam Hussein, that he had on weird glasses, his mustache was too thin/thick, whatever. Even the White House is getting into the act: “Bush Administration Questions Hussein Video.” While I chalk this up to wishful thinking, I can understand how everybody would be enchanted with the idea that a bunker-buster could sidetrack a wider conflict.

That said, I know from reading the book “Poker Nation” that you should always consider the “worst case scenario” when playing cards. That is, if you can gauge the best possible hand your opponent can make (based on the “up” or “common” cards), it will better inform your play.

Thus, I think the speculation that Saddam is eating 72 raisins in the great hereafter is counterproductive to the war effort. At least for the time being, we should assume he’s alive, that his communications are not disrupted, and he’s still holding his iron fist control over Iraq. This will keep our military forces on alert and focused on the goal at hand. If we start spreading the idea that Saddam has assumed room temperature, it will cause the troops to relax and let their guard down.

This is not about us – it’s about the troops fighting in a faraway land to keep us safe. Let’s not do anything to jeopardize their safety.

Just my two cents

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