Friday, March 28, 2003

John Kerry – A man of (checking polls) principle!

On Tuesday, Mickey Kaus wrote this withering analysis of John Kerry’s flip-flops and ambiguities:

Executive Summary: Let's see ... 1) Was Kerry Irish? It was hard to say! 2) Did he throw his medals over the wall? Hard to say! 3) Does he support or oppose the Iraq war? Hard to say! 4) Is he for dividend double taxation? Hard to say! 5) Is he rethinking his support of race preferences? Hard to say! 6) Is he opposed to the death penalty? Hard to say! 7) Will he use his wife's money? Hard to say! ... I sense a pattern! ... Bonus question: Has he ever taken a clear stand on an issue when it might have cost him enough votes to threaten his career?

And here’s a choice quote from today’s Boston Globe:

''To this day I don't know what John Kerry's position is,'' [Vermont Gov. Howard] Dean said. ''It's still hard to figure out, reading his statements, which way he's going to come down on it, and I think you all ought to ask him.''

There’s one thing that’s clear about Kerry: he wants to be President of the United States. Well, except for the South – screw them! NewsMax reported in “John Kerry to South: Drop Dead” that the Massachusetts Senator told a fundraising crowd in San Francisco he doesn’t need the South to win the Presidential election.

But today Political Wire is reporting: “Sen. John Kerry "has been passing notes on the Senate floor, assuring his Southern Democratic colleagues that he plans to compete in their home states," the Boston Globe reports.”

No word if Senator Kerry was wearing a NASCAR jumpsuit at the time. Mickey, time to add #8

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