Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eric Holder will be playing the role of Sergeant Schultz - He knows nothing about Fast and Furious.  Hit and Run: "Fast and Furious report exonerates Holder; rogue agents done the deed.  Right."  "An either-or choice between deceitful bastard and incompetent figurehead should not be read as an exoneration."

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Nigel Tufnel said...

The author of this 'analysis' opens with this:

"I have to admit that, while I have a copy of the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General's Fast and Furious report, released yesterday, I have yet to read all 512 pages of obfuscatory goodness."

That won't stop the author from drawing rock-solid conclusions about the report.

Or get in the way of eager Republicans' getting all revved up reading said 'analysis'. Especially with that totally bad-ass closing line. At least he isn't one of those biased beltway lamestream media reporters.