Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Let's light this candle!

The DNC starts tonight and it's time to celebrate the good news:

Hot Air: "It's official: We are now $16 trillion in debt"
Zero Hedge: "Manufacturing ISM misses, third month in contraction territory; biggest miss in construction spending in one year."
Business  Insider: "FedEx is one of the world's biggest bellwethers, and it just cut its forecast"
PJ Tatler: "June 2012: Food stamp usage increases three times faster than job creation."

Extra - James Pethokoukis - "U.S. is much worse off than four years ago."


Robert Bonk said...

Whee! Now all we have to do is buy 125 million hammers and bonk every voter on the head until they all forget how the economy got the way it did, and when, and under whose policies. Because every poll from 2009 through this summer indicates voters are stubbornly not forgetting. Frontal lobes: freedom's greatest foe.

This plan would also revitalize the struggling hammer industry... DAMN YOU, OBAMA!

Eric said...

Two years ago, Tim Geithner wrote an opinion piece in the NY Times (natch) titled "Welcome to the Recovery."

Oh..wait...Bush again.

Eric said...

How's that long-term memory?


-2%, worst ever said...

Yeah, how's that convention bounce?

The Romney Revolution starts any day now... annnnny day now...

Eric said...

Yeah, we'll see how President "Incomplete" measures up.

YCBSWN said...

What a difference 7 or 8 years make.

November ‘05, looking cheerfully ahead to 2006 election gains for the GOP, because the “amorphous agenda” of the Democrats would demonstrate that “you can’t beat something with nothing”:

September ‘04, discussing the stiff and unliked New England rich boy hack whose vacuous campaign was “hobbled” by the mistaken belief that the election would be a referendum on the incumbent. Poor John Kerry, he should have known that “you can’t beat something with nothing":

November ‘04, looking back with pity at the partisan zealots who could never “articulate why a vote should be cast for” them, instead of against the president, especially when their candidate “failed to incite anyone’s passions”:

November ‘05, on the Dems’ “great foggy clouds of platitudinous bombast” and their congenital failure to “counter the president’s policies and performance with a well-defined alternative." It turned out that “you can’t beat something with nothing”:

March ‘05, on the Dems’ “absence of seriousness” and reflexive, kneejerk opposition that ultimately “condemned the party to irrelevancy." Because "in the end, you can’t beat something with nothing”:

Eric said...

I don't mean to be cute, but I don't get your gist. What's the point?

YCBSWN said...

In 2004-05, you were scornful of a political party that you saw obstructing policy, while proposing no specific, detailed alternatives. A party heading towards irrelevance because their whole campaign was “that guy stinks!” A party whose Presidential candidate inspired no passion - a dreary empty suit trying to siphon votes away from the sitting President, without articulating a clear reason to vote FOR him. A party of “nothing” that was undeserving of voter support, and increasingly unlikely to receive it.

Today? What was once a superficial fiasco has become winning politics!

In 2004, John Kerry’s platitudes and vague statements were nothing. And rumor has it you can’t beat something with nothing. But in 2012, “repeal and replace,” “I’ll close loopholes,” “my promise is to help you and your family,” and “what America needs is jobs,” now THAT’S something! Cue the Romney landslide!

Eric said...

Ah, well, I don't think the GOP ticket is about "nothing." In fact, this may be the most consequential Presidential debate I've ever seen.

The fundamental question is whether we keep on borrowing 40 cents on the dollar to sustain a vastly expanded government or whether we face up to our ever-mounting risk of European-style collapse. I don't see that as nothing - I see that as a very stark choice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure... and Wednesdays are for W.