Saturday, September 08, 2012

Will the media finally break out of its Obama reverie?

Here's a post from Doug Ross: "Real unemployment is now 11.7%; propaganda gap hits new level."  The jobs report was awful in every way from downward revisions of previous months, a drop in manufacturing jobs, and the lowest participation rate for men since they starting keeping labor statistics.

And yet, the morning of the jobs report, Joe Scarborough was declaring the jobs report "good news" and a "tailwind" for the President.  It fell to Chuck Todd to tell Joe he was an idiot.  But can you blame Joe?  He's just a pixel in the larger MSM brotherhood out to protect their guy.

Remember when gas prices were the top story on the news every night?  Today, not so much.  Newsbusters: "Networks hype gas prices four times more for Bush than Obama."  Nobody talks about Gitmo anymore and there's zero interest in Obama's secret kill list.  But if Paul Ryan says that Obama stole $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare (he did) then it's time to deploy the "fact checkers."

At some point, that J-school education has to kick in and they'll remember the class on balance and objectivity.  Until then, brace yourself for some "fresh" reports on Romney's tax returns.

Extra - From Instapundit and Ace.

More - Big Government: "Do your job, mainstream media, people are suffering."


Boo, them. Yay, us. said...

Remember when "Obama spoke and the stock market plunged"? This year, Obama's DNC speech coincided with the Dow's highest peak since his election. But the "in the tank" media's interest in making that pseudo-connection was strangely muted. Reveries must have their blind spots.

It works the other way, too. The same un-balanced, un-objective MSM brotherhood are the liberal apologists who built up Paul Ryan's reputation as the serious, intellectual numbers wonk, which lifted his credibility to a place where he could be considered as VP, picked... and tragically, scrutinized.

Most of us see what we want to see. Either that, or else the timeline of gas prices is virgin, unexplored territory, while Romney's tax record freezeout is already ancient history.

Anonymous said...

Until then, brace yourself for some "fresh" reports on Romney's tax returns.

If the press octuples its coverage of Mitt Romney's extremely personal tax filings, it will only begin to approach the camera time and column inches devoted to what the all-important Reverend Jeremiah Wright said in 2003.

Obviously, Obama's birth certificate "controversy" is totally out of reach.

Friggin' liberal bias.