Monday, September 03, 2012

I tell you these are honorable men - Given the stories of the complicated relationship between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and the former's desire for a Hillary presidency, I wonder if Bill might be preparing the Mark Antony speech.  In the "friends, Romans, countrymen" oration from "Julius Caesar," Antony cleverly turns the crowd against Brutus and the assassins all the while insisting they are "wise" and "honorable."

It's interesting - to say the least - that Clinton is not letting anybody see his speech.  By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way North Carolina.


Nigel Tufnel said...

In De Bello Gallico the real Julius Caesar wrote:

"Men willingly believe whatever they want."

Anonymous said...

"We ARE better off than four years ago" - delusional Democrats

Anonymous said...

As nice as it sounds:
Q1- do you really think Bill wants to hand the presidency to an R just to torpedo O's campaign?
Q2- would a single speech by the Big Dog could actually do it?

Eric said...

Q1 - No, but it was reported last week that Obama did NOT want Clinton to get a primetime speaking role because he knew it would suck all the oxygen out of the room. Obama is going to look small by comparison to the Big Dog.
Q2 - I'll refer to Q1.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, anticipating whether Clinton will damage Obama's campaign beats waiting for Romney to do it.

And, what if the SUPERDELEGATES gang up on Obama? said...

Oh yes, Obama must be terrified of how Bill Clinton's presence will reflect on him. It's why his Secretary of State is Mary Smith.

Yet, somehow, Mitt Romney wasn't overshadowed by George W. Bush's high-profile GOP convention speech. Miss Me Yet?

Eric said...

GWB gave a speech in Tampa? I must have missed that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... you noticed that too, huh?

That's the point - only one of the two candidates has political reason to fear acknowledging his predecessor. GWB's toxic legacy is why this year's Republicans are reduced to weird fever dreams about imaginary sabotage.

Eric said...

Hey, where's Al Gore?

Yup, that was some Mark Antony speech said...

In an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney?

Bill Clinton gets an hour of prime time. George W. Bush is Voldemort: He Who Must Not Be Named.

Out, damn'd plot! said...

Stop naming... er, blaming Bush!

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way North Carolina.

Bubba, Bubba, toil and trouble. So, how did the whole backstabbing scenario work out? said...

The Village Voice's "rightwing blogosphere" column laughs and laughs at the conservatives who'd been quivering with anticipation:

"The fun started early, with some of the brethren predicting the Dem soiree would be plunged into chaos by Obama's mortal enemies, the Clinton family.

To be fair, they were encouraged in this by some shit-stirring regular media outlets. "Democrats Wait, Nervously, On Clinton Speech," claimed Ben Smith at BuzzFeed, who reported unnamed Democrats worried that "any private strategic differences" between Clinton and Obama "might play out in public... as Obama's aides wait on the speech draft, they aren't concealing just a touch of nerves." Politico identified Bill Clinton as a "landmine" for the Democrats, who might "speak just a bit too candidly about Obama," in which case "Republicans will be ready to pounce."

It was a good way for story-hungry reporters to keep the public interested -- but who knew the rightbloggers, who normally profess mistrust of lamestream media sources, would take it hook, line and sinker?

"I'd say Obama should not trust Bill Clinton," Ann Althouse wrote. "Hillary has too much to gain from an Obama loss." "Bill will be there, and could throw a monkey wrench into things," said The Lonely Conservative. "Let's hope so." "Clinton Praises Romney," said Scared Monkeys. "...Really, does Obama want a Democrat that is more popular, more of a leader and more of a success as President speaking at this event?... No one is going to buy Clinton praising Obama's policies and the economy is moving forward."