Thursday, February 21, 2008

The inconceivable Zimbabwe - What does it mean when a country's inflation rate tops 100,000%? Does it mean that by the time you retrieve a Pepsi in the back of the store and bring it to the counter, the price has doubled? How about this fun fact: "In Africa's fastest shrinking economy, per capita gross domestic product in Zimbabwe fell from about $200 in 1996 to about $9 a head last year." Sheer craziness.


Anonymous said...

That place should have blowd up by now.

Brian said...

At least he stuck it to Whitey. Who cares that millions had to die so that a few white farmers could get thrown off their land?

JorgXMcKie said...

Now, dag-blag it, how many times do I have to 'splain to you guys that my Marxist guy just *knows* that this is just the lull before Sir Bob's "Great Leap Forward"? (Is there an echo in here?)

Anyway, he assures me, that, having just about totally thrown off the shackles of Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism, American Commercial and Culture Hegemony, and a sort of generalized Bad Stuff Caused by Euro Males of Pale Complexion, Zimbabwe is just *thisclose* to turning the corner on an abundance of prosperity the likes of which has not been seen since the heyday of the USSR.

Who am I supposed to believe? My Marxist Friend or my lying eyes?

Anonymous said...

You need to thank the good Lord for your Marxist Straw Guy. Without him as an easy cartoon punchtoy, just imagine how many legitimate liberal viewpoints you'd need to consider on their merits.

Self-reflective thought? Brrrr, what an awful fate!

Anonymous said...

Well, if I've done my math right, 100,000 percent means things cost 1,000 times as much on December 31 as they did on January 1. This is about a 2% per day inflation rate, i.e. prices rise about 1.78X every month. 1.78**12 = 1011.

Not quite enough to change the price of the Pepsi from the back of the store to the front, but you'd definitely want to stock up today instead of waiting for the weekend. But that's life in a Worker's Paradise; you can just dictate costs and prices, no need for any of that annoying market stuff.