Friday, February 08, 2008

Hitting the wrong chord - From Cracked: "The seven most unforgivable Grammy Award snubs" (HT: Damian) Missing from the list: the 1965 Grammy for best pop performance was stolen from the Beatles and awarded to the Anita Kerr Singers. Oof.


Anonymous said...

1978: Best New Artist
There were really just two nominees for the 1978 Grammy for Best New Artist: Elvis Costello and everybody else. By the time the awards ceremony rolled around in February of 1979, he had already recorded two of the most enduring albums to emerge from the late '70s punk/new wave movement... provided Saturday Night Live with one of its most controversial musical performances of its then young life (getting banned from the show for 12 years in the process)..."

"This Year's Model" was released at the end of 1978. By February 1979, it had "endured" for approximately six weeks.

If only Time Traveling Lorne Michaels had come back to explain the 12-year ban (which had a mere 11 years to go at the time of the Grammy voting). THAT would have turned things around... especially since the Grammys have historically celebrated unprofessionalism and confrontation.

As a concept, "Worst Grammy picks" isn't just shooting fish in a barrel. It's wagging a finger at dead fish in a barrel.

Eric said...

"Noah Action" - that's good.

You have a point with Elvis, so let me offer a replacement: the 1998 Best New Artist Grammy went to country star Shelby Lynne...who had been recording music for ten years and had four or five albums already released before "I Am Shelby Lynne."

I guess the album title tricked Grammy voters into thinking she was the new kid of the block. Her acceptance speech was classic - almost a contemptuous sneer at all the squares in the Academy.