Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Final Super Tuesday analysis

I can't stay up for California, so here are the snapshots:

- Unless he wins California (and he won't), Mitt Romney is toast.
- Mike Huckabee was remarkably strong in the states with religious voters. His speech tonight was uplifting, funny, and engaging. It's too bad he didn't have more time and money to make his case. Chuck Norris, save me!
- John McCain grabbed a lot of the big winner-take-all prizes tonight. Brace yourselves, Republicans: it's looking like McCain. (Immigration anger aside, he'll win Arizona too.)

- Clinton won the big, blue states with a lot of Hispanic voters, plus bellwether Missouri.
- Obama may win the most square miles, with a lot of red states. I think he's won every caucus tonight (as opposed to primaries).
- We won't know until tomorrow how the delegates are divvied up, but it looks pretty even. New York and Illinois will cancel each other out and California will be close, so the Democratic race will certainly continue on.

Good night!

Update (2/6) - D'oh! When I went to bed, Missouri seemed to be in Hillary's column. I wake up and it's not. Here's why that state's a big win for Obama from Politico and "Five reasons Hillary should be worried":

His win in bellwether Missouri was impressive by nearly every measure, marked by victories among men and women, secular and churchgoing voters, and urban and suburban voters.
And the Show Me State has an uncanny ability to pick Presidents:

For a century, voters in Missouri have proven to be a nearly perfect gauge of the nation’s thinking on presidential candidates, swaying from Democrats to Republicans and back again, but always (besides a certain election in 1956) voting in general elections for the candidate who ultimately wins the nation.
In a hundred years, Missouri has missed only that one time and this time around they picked Obama and McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Remember all the fun and laffs in 2006, with the GOP helping to fund Connecticut for Lieberman? Karma is a bitch! Enjoy your candidate.