Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I think I'm an Obama-can

Just kidding, I'll surely vote for McCain in November and (maybe!) tip the balance here in Massachusetts. But Obama's speaking in Madison, Wisconsin right now and - gosh darn it - the guy is so disarming and charismatic, it's hard not to like him. I actually laughed out loud at this line (roughly transcribed):

"We're bringing people together, like that guy." [Pointing to a Republican off camera]. They come up to me and say [sotto voce] 'I'm a Republican but I'm voting for you.' And I reply to them [sotto voce again] 'thank you very much.'"
Obama's speech is soaring and elevating while Hillary simply rattles off a laundry list of great stuff we'll all get if we'd just vote for her. If 2008, by all accounts, is the year the Democrats recapture the White House, I'd rather have the guy from Hawaii.

Update (2/13) - Dick Morris: "Obama became the attraction in the race while Hillary recited her laundry list of proposals with a deadening monotony."

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