Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heading for a showdown

This is quite likely the last debate between Clinton and Obama. Which Hillary will show up tonight? The one who was "honored" to share the stage with Obama or the street fighter, swinging away? Frankly, Hillary is boxed in. If she picks a fight, it's going to remind voters of the same ole triangulation politics that Americans are trying to break away from with Obama's message of inclusion. (Watch for a "there you go again" moment). But if she doesn't draw a sharp distinction with the Senator from Illinois, we're back to choosing a candidate on "likeability."

Extra - From the Caucus: "Fight night"

More - Will we be seeing a March 5th press conference? Fox News: "March 4th will determine if Hillary will go forward or not." If she loses Texas, it's "not."

Update - Obama wins because nothing happened. There a sliver of daylight between Clinton and Obama's health care plan but they spent 16 minutes debating the small differences mostly because Hillary wouldn't let it pass. There's not one American in a hundred who could explain how the plans are different. By 9:17 EST, TV sets across the country were turning to ESPN. The only thing remotely newsworthy was Hillary's peevish complaint about "always taking the first question." Not a Presidential moment.

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