Monday, February 25, 2008

Apple patent lawyers put other tech platforms in a pinch

So it's come to this: Apple may try to patent the movements on their Apple IPhone which would put other technology platforms in a tight squeeze:

Is pinching proprietary? We may find out in the coming months as many companies, inspired by the success of Apple's iPhone, release their own multitouch-enabled laptops, smartphones and tablets. In doing so, these companies -- including RIM, Nokia and Synaptics -- may run afoul of multitouch patent applications recently filed by Apple.

"If Apple's patents are granted, the company could absolutely stop others from using similar technology," says Raj Abhyanker, a patent lawyer who used to write patent applications for Apple. "They'd also be in an especially good position to stop others from including certain features. Apple could stop [their use] not only on mobile devices but also desktops."
This gives a whole new meaning to "inappropriate touching."

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