Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today, 3/14, is Pi Day. My 11-year-old son claims he recited pi up to 35 digits today in math class. Should I be:

a.) proud?
b.) mortified?


Anonymous said...

That depends. Did he do it at 1:59?

Brian said...


yetanotherjohn said...

If you go into Excel and enter the standard formula =pi(), you get

So aparrently Gates thinks 15 digits is plenty. Now I don't know what you or your son's net worth is, but I suspect it's south of Bill's net worth. So while 35 digits is neat, 15 digits is good enough to make a lot of money.

This also raises an interesting engineering malpractice suit issue if you relied on Excel to do a calculation involving Pi and the resulting widget, building, bridge or whatever hurt or killed someone because Pi was loped off. Is Bill or the engineer who relied on Bill at fault?