Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amazing Race update - Bright and dirty fingernails

With Rob & Amber gone, we're down to seven teams poised on the tip of Argentina; they need to travel to a glacier outside town and find the next clue using an avalanche beacon. This just a physical diversion and Team Guido finishes first while the Blondies forget to read the clue correctly and walk onto the glacier without the homing device. Anyway, the clue directs everybody to Maputo, Mozambique and there's a fair amount of confusion at the travel agencies. No matter: everybody's bunched onto the same flight.

Once in Africa, teams take SUVs to the Apopo nature place and the next clue. This is the Roadblock: one team member must lead a trained rat (yes, a rodent) to find a de-activated land mine. Team Guido finishes first again and heads out to Plaza Something and a big building; once again Charla & Mirna are in last place.

Back at Maputo, it's the Detour: Pamper or Porter. Teams may either convince people to let them paint their fingernails or fill and haul ten bags full of coal. Team Gidget & the Midget, who seem to do every task poorly, manages to convince ten people to get a manicure (probably helped by the attention of TAR cameras) and arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1. We're treated to Charla explaining how just because somebody is small (that is, Mirna) they can still compete on the Race. Well, I haven't heard this self-serving back patting since last week. And the week before that. We get it, already.

All the finger-painters arrive at the mat first, followed by the coal haulers. Caked with coal dust, Oswald & Danny arrive at the mat and chase Phil around the Pit Stop when they threaten him with a hug. Uchenna & Joyce get lost while completing the Detour and arrive in last place. But it's a non-elimination leg and they'll need to arrive in first place on the next leg or incur a 30-minute penalty which would probably knock them out unless another team has some very bad luck.

Final standings:

#1 - Charla & Mirna
#2 - Dustin & Kandace
#3 - Terry & Ian
#4 - Oswald & Danny
#5 - Joe & Bill
#6 - Eric & Danielle
#7 - Uchenna & Joyce - NON-ELIMINATION LEG

Next week: Eric & Danielle get pulled off a plane. That might be the bad luck.

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