Sunday, June 24, 2012

You know what would make your special day even more special?  Me. - Hot Air: "Because nothing says "wedding present" like a donation to the Obama campaign."

Extra - Ace: "This is weird, right?"  Um, yes.  So are the dinner raffles.

More - Twitchy: "Let them eat wedding cake - #ObamaGiftRegistrySlogans."


The Sanity Inspector said...

Hey, sorry for the personal communication in a blog comment, feel free to delete. What program do you use for your blogroll? Ever since Blogrolling went dark, I've been looking for a replacement. Thanks!

Eric said...

Hey, it's OK, I love my (rare) commenters. Blogger switched me over to this new format and, along with it, there's a function that keeps tracks of when other blogs are updated.

Hope that helps.