Friday, June 29, 2012

Time to buy gold - Zero Hedge: "Why the debt-dependent status quo is doomed in one chart."  "That is Greece, Spain, Italy, and eventually the entire debt-dependent global Status Quo."  Don't forget about Stockton, California, then California, then the U.S.

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AndyN said...

I'd start buying guns before I started buying gold. Sure, gold traditionally has value as a standard for trade, but if things go really pear-shaped guns give you at least three advantages.

1) I doubt the government would ever make up a reason to ban private ownership of gold. On the other hand, if the government gets unpopular enough, they might decide they need to severely restrict private gun ownership. Gold might become scarce and expensive, but it will likely never become impossible to get your hands on.

2) Guns have an intrinsic value to everyone, and that will become more true the worse conditions get. If the system completely breaks down, you'll have a much greater advantage owning guns that you can either use yourself of trade for things you need than you will trying to get somebody to feed you for a bag of shiny metal.

3) Stock in some gun manufacturers is already outperforming gold.