Saturday, June 09, 2012

Today's tech tip - So about a month ago, my son's Samsung Evergreen got the "white screen of death."  That is, his cell phone screen was completely white all the time: during charging, start-up, and operation.  He doesn't think he dropped it but he did have it out during a rainy track meet.  Hmmm...

I checked tech support but the answers ranged from "pop out the battery" to "you're screwed."  So I swapped out the SIM card to an old cellphone and put his Evergreen aside until I could get to the AT&T store where - almost certainly - they would help me by telling me "it's busted."  But then today I turned it on and it's working fine.  I swapped back his SIM card and everything's back to normal.

My word of advice when you get the white screen problem: it may be caused by moisture in the phone.  Let it dry out for a week and try again.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you can rescue wet phones by putting them into a bowl of uncooked rice, which helps draw the water out.