Monday, June 18, 2012

It's always the messaging, never the policy - Politico: "Robert Redford: Democrats are bad storytellers."    During the Obamacare cramdown, Obama gave like a thousand speeches across the country selling this awful legislation and yet his golden voice failed to move the needle one bit.  So when the messaging doesn't work, it must be because we're living in a country full of Kansas bitter clingers.  Comforting to think so.

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Mike-n-Ike said...

"Bad storytellers" Puh-leeze. They've only gotten where they are because they've (up til recently, at least) been darn good storytellers who ignore facts and evidence and spin fantastic tales, knowing full well they won't be challenged by the MSM.

The revolution of this here inter-web machine and the consequent de-funding of the legacy media has exposed them and put the lie to the lying liars who lie.

Take that Al Franken!