Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Working hard to save exactly one job

Via White House Dossier, here's Obama's schedule for tomorrow:

9:20 am ET || Departs the White House
11:45 am PT || Arrives San Francisco
12:20 pm PT || Attends a fundraiser; Landmark Tower, San Francisco
2:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco, San Francisco
3:15 pm PT || Departs San Francisco
4:20 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
7:15 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Beverly Hills, California
8:55 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; private residence; Beverly Hills, California

He's really padding that record of his.


Gobble gobble said...

Mm hmm. Shame on Obama for working the money circuit at a time like this.

It's also complete dereliction of duty when a Democratic president ignores his work to pardon the Thanksgiving turkey. But you know what's really fun and cool? When a Republican president pardons the Thanksgiving turkey!

OP4 said...

I wonder who is paying for the fuel, security, etc... for this fundraising junket?

siacnd999 said...

Even though most business are leaving California, including the fake start-up green energy jobs, it's good to know Obama can still stimulate the economy around California's political fundraising. You don' expect the politicians and celebrities to serve their own food, do you?

And never you mind about the pardoning of turkeys. Next year, Obama will make sure a droone drops a missile on one to cook it. Just ignore any news reports saying the turkey killed was in a petting zoo.

Sid Izzenzunited said...

It's a laugh and a half to read grumbly whimpering about Obama daring to fundraise, less than 24 hours after the low-cost Wisconsin recall win.

Since Mitt Romney is running for Bush's third term anyway, he should check whether there are any more of those snazzy 9/11 Air Force One color photograph premiums that were sold to top GOP donors. Now THAT was some dignified statesmanship.

siacnd999 said...

FUnny, I thought Obama was serving Bush's 3rd term. More military involvement in the ME (Lybia, Yemen, etc), more drone strikes, continued violation of Pakistani airspace, Gitmo is still open, the seas are still rising, blasse' response to natural disasters (Bush playing guitar and serving cake during Katrina, and Obama sitting out the first weeks of the Deepwater Horizon disaster), more dumb gaffee (America is an imperial nation under Obama, as somehow we jumped from 50 states under Bush to 57 under Obama), and the fact criticism of the president is shut down for lame reasons (2000-2009, criticism of the president means you sided with the terrorists, 2009-2013/2017, criticism of the president meant you sided with the racists), Truthers/Birthers doubt the legitimacy of the president.

Do I need to go on about the similarities?

Eric said...

All critics are welcome here: you can bash Obama from the left OR the right.

Where are the other 7 states, Barack O'LIAR? said...

Libya: 0 injured, 0 killed in half a year... it's CLASSIC Bush Doctrine!

The American heroes doing their fourth and fifth tours of duty in the racism war also thank you for your savvy comparisons. The Katrina/BP analogy is equally dead on.

Good call on Obama's control of the oceans. No wonder the Republicans hate him; he keeps stabbing at them with his mighty trident.