Wednesday, June 13, 2012

His own private reality

I caught this on Commentary: "Obama entering a world all his own"
What is fairly astonishing in all this is the utter lack of self-awareness by the president. A jolting collision is occurring between his own self-conception (Obama views himself as a world-historical figure and Great Man) and the multiple and multiplying failures of his presidency. Obama appears incapable of processing the truth or coming to grips with reality. And so he’s spinning tales day after day, including his fantastic (and thoroughly discredited) claim that “Since I’ve been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years.”
Is Obama really still repeating this thoroughly-debunked bunkum?  Well, according the White House web page, yes he is, as of yesterday:
Even after you factor in all the work that we did to prevent us from slipping into a depression, the pace of growth of government spending is lower under my administration than it has been in the last 50 years. 
You have to wonder about this guy.  Mickey Kaus took note of Obama's enthusiastic embrace of this "skinflint" persona:
Does Obama really not have an intuitive feeling for how much he’s been spending? That’s a little like not remembering how much sex you’re having. He’s the one doing the spending, after all. Even if he wasn’t, you’d think an ordinary BS detector would kick in.
Forget it, Mick.  It's Obamatown.

7 comments: said...

Is Obama really still repeating this thoroughly-debunked bunkum?

"Thoroughly debunked bunkum," huh? Let me see whether just saying something is true makes it true... "I'm having a steamy four-way with Scarlett Johansson, Brooklyn Decker, and the ghost of Ava Gardner."


Eric said...

Is that the same Politifact that beclowned itself when it said Romney's claim that unemployment in MA went down to 4.7% was "half true?"

I'll take the Washington Post's "three Pinocchios."

Anonymous said...

Is that the same that criticized Kessler's Factchecker for Pinocchioing Mitt Romney's Solyndra attacks, and for failing to debunk Obama's claims about trade agreement stalling?

It's AMAZING how dead accurate these columns can be whenever they confirm one's preferences. 100.0%!

You'd better not read Factchecker's assessment of Romney's job creation record in Massachusetts. They determined Mr. 4.7%'s claim was "half true"... er, merited "two Pinocchios."

Eric said...

That's good - I hadn't seen that. But then it turns out that 1/4th of those Pinocchios were in a previous fiscal year, so they don't really count.

Anonymous said...

Har! Democrats always try to blame previous administrations, rather than admit to their own failed record.

They've been doing it ever since "the Clinton recession."

Eric said...

Yeah, Dubya wouldn't shut up about it for two months. said...

Two months, huh? Must be more of that precise Bush-style accounting.