Friday, June 15, 2012

Where the buck stops - Mark Steyn "Earthly woes mount as Obama's rhetoric soars": "Self-pity is never an attractive quality, and in an elected head of state even less so. Obama whines that his opponents say it's all his fault. One can argue about whose fault it is, but not, as my colleagues at National Review pointed out, whose responsibility it is: It's his. He's the only president we have. And he made things worse. He increased the national debt by some 70 percent, and what do we have to show for it? No dams, no railroads, no moon shots. Just government, and bureaucracy, and regulation, unto national bankruptcy."

Extra - Matt Continetti: "Obama's pity party."


"When Kanye West called me racist, that was the worst moment of my presidency." said...

Ah yes... indulgent, self-pitying Barack Obama, refusing to own his presidency and ducking his "buck stops here" role as the only leader we have. How did America get saddled with a whiner like this?

"Hello, verdict of history? Yeah, sorry to do this to you, but we've got another guy that only you can judge. I know, I know, you're still working on Bush. What if we give you the same deadline he asked for? After we're all dead, right. Awesome, see you then."

Eric said...

OMG, is there no issue that doesn't reach back 4 years to Bush? Now Obama says it takes 10 years to get past a recession which means there's no end in sight.

Red red whine said...

Obama, repeatedly criticized during an election for "failing to fix" the economy, repeatedly reminds people that the Republicans have impeded or blocked most of his economic agenda.

Bush, who was there for 9/11, Bin Laden's escape, thousands of flag-draped coffins, Katrina and a comprehensive economic collapse, says that the "worst moment" of his presidency was when a rapper insulted him.

Tell us more about Obama's unattractive "pity party," daddy.

Eric said...

Yeah, that Bush, oh that Bush.

Meanwhile in present day, unemployment is back up to 8.2% after blowing $5 trillion in new debt including a stimulus that failed to stimulate because it didn't do the very things a stimulus is supposed to do. Obama: "Turns out those shovel-ready jobs weren't so ready." Ha-ha!

Obama had complete control in Washington for two years then America said "enough" in 2010 and gave the Republicans the most seats in Congress since 1938. His own budgets have received ZERO votes in both the House and Senate.

Yet, even today in his weekly address, all he can do is whine and blame. Poor poor pitiful Obama.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in present day

George W. Bush: Grand Vezer of ancient Ameripotamia, according to the legends.

Or, how to go from "Miss Me Yet?" to "Let It Go, Already!" in one easy step.